Our History

About Us

The Delaware Valley Alumni Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi, National Gender Inclusive Honor Fraternity, consists of a diverse group of members, known as Brothers, originating from undergraduate chapters across the country.

In keeping with our founding tripod of scholarship, leadership, and fellowship, DVAC promotes social, scholarship, and service events throughout the year. Some of these events include dinners at local restaurants, sports events, and service projects.

If you’re an alumnus/a of Phi Sigma Pi in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware, please take some time to learn more about DVAC and stop by an upcoming event! Non-Brothers (friends, family, significant others) are always welcome as well.


early picture of DVAC members

Delaware Valley Alumni Chapter was initially chartered as the Southeastern Pennsylvania Alumni Chapter (Founded 3 June 1995). Its founder and first President was Alpha Epsilon Chapter Alumnus, Lisa Welsh, but the Chapter temporarily went inactive. In the spring of 1998, the Chapter was re-organized and adopted a new name as the Delaware Valley Alumni Chapter. This new name was felt to be more appropriate as the alumni willing to participate resided in Northern Delaware and Southern New Jersey as well as Southeastern Pennsylvania. This re-activation was due to the dedication and commitment of Alpha Lambda Alumni Michael A. Noll and Maggie Noll.

Past Chapter Presidents

Lisa Welsh (née Craig) (1995-1996)
Maggie Noll (1998)
Patrick Herron (1999)
Chris Gabell (1999)
John Finnegan (??-2008)
Joanne Reppert (2008-2009)
Jackie Porreca (2009-2011)
Kristin Henson (2011-2014)
Beth Walsh (2015-present)

Other Events or Activities

Since 2007, members of DVAC have joined members of NYMAAC and Capital Alumni Chapter for a weekend of fun in Atlantic City. More recently, this event has morphed into what was known as Tri-Chapter, rotating between the three cities of the Alumni Chapters and Atlantic City. With the addition of the Baltimore Metro Area Alumni Chapter (BMAAC) and the ever-growing list of local Chapters and Alumni Members, the event is now amicably referred to as NEATO (Next Extreme Alumni Take Over) and rotates among popular mid-atlantic cities each yet.

Feel free to check out our Calendar for more event information.

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