Top Five PSP-Related Halloween Costumes

Posted by: Kristin Henson, Chapter President

Halloween is only ten days away! Do you have your costume picked out yet? If not, don’t worry. I’ve got five awesome last-minute DIY ideas for you. These are the best, because they allow you to show your fraternal spirit at the same time!

5. The Fraternal Colors

Fraternal Colors Outfit

This costume is amazing – it’s super simple, it’s easy to move around in, and you’ll be the classiest person at any party you go to. Want to go one step further and make this even better? Glue a couple past issues of “The Purple and Gold” to yourself. Now you have reading material if you get bored!

4. The Seal


Have you got a hodgepodge of previous Halloween costumes lying around? This costume is perfect for you! You can also easily find these items at any costume shop. Just grab a shield from a warrior costume, a cane from a shepherd costume, a lamp from a genie costume, a bike chain, and a book. Presto, you’re our fraternal seal! While dressed up, feel free to use this opportunity to explain to non-brother friends (if you have any) what each element represents. BAM, you just turned this Halloween party into a scholarship event!

3. The Alternative Break Project

Alternative Break Project

Grab some old clothes, go roll around in the dirt, and grab a shovel. Voila, you’re ABP! There’s no better way to show your support for our national philanthropy than volunteering at the actual Alternative Break Project, but coming in a close second is dressing up like the event. This year’s location hasn’t been publicized just yet, but it’s being announced on National’s Facebook page by the end of the month. Go the extra mile, and pick up a baseball hat for the sports team of the chosen city.

2. Group Costume – Hendricks, Phillips, and McClure


This is another super easy costume idea. All it requires is a dark suit and some hair gel (so you can comb your hair to one side). You can even take this one step further by putting on some white face paint so you look just like the photos! Make sure to determine between you and your friends who’s going to be which founder, so the one who gets Phillips can pick up a fake mustache to wear. Looking through the Scholar’s Province for a costume idea works just as well if you’re a couple instead of a group– you can go as Dr. Todd and Sweetheart!

1. Jonah Goodman

Jonah costume

Possibly the most recognizable Phi Sigma Pi costume is dressing up as our National President, Jonah Goodman. Again, this is best accomplished by wearing a suit, but would also work if you were wearing a tank top, bathrobe, or grass skirt (if you’d like to narrow your costume down to “National Convention Jonah”). Make sure to talk about “the wiki” and “making a Wawa run” the entire night to stay in character.

Got any other great Phi Sigma Pi related costume ideas? Feel free to let me know in the comments!